What does a carbon water filter remove from water?

Aug 07, 2023

What Does a Carbon Water Filter Remove From Water?

Have you ever wondered about carbon water filters and what they remove from the water? Are they all hype, or do they improve the quality of your drinking water, providing a healthier, cleaner water source at home?

If you have questions about carbon water filtration, we have answers at Miami Water & Air. Here’s what to know about carbon water filters, how they work, what they remove, and the many benefits they provide.

How Do Carbon Water Filters Work?

When you have a carbon water filter installed in your home, it works through the power of adsorption. This involves drawing contaminants to the surface—similarly to how a magnet attracts iron—using activated carbon. Activated carbon is carbon that is specially treated in a way that enhances its surface area so it can adsorb more contaminants.

Through reverse osmosis, the carbon water filter then removes or filters out impurities, like chlorine, often found in municipal water supplies, while allowing the smaller water particles to pass through. The result when you turn on the tap is a cleaner, more pristine water supply, whether in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

What Do Carbon Water Filtration Systems Remove?

With a whole home carbon water filter system in place, your water supply will be free from many of the impurities found in local water supplies. Beyond chlorine, this includes chloramine, nitrates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides and fertilizers that have leached into the water supply, and hydrogen sulfide.

While having a carbon water filter system in place reduces contaminants, removes odors, and improves taste, it doesn’t achieve 100% absolute purity. There are still trace elements that are impossible to filter out. It also does not remove calcium, magnesium, or fluoride.

What Are the Benefits of a Carbon Water Filter System?

A carbon water filter system translates into improved water quality. You’ll notice your water tastes and smells better since the activated carbon removes the compounds responsible for unpleasant odors and flavors. You’ll simply get refreshingly clean, odor-free, and fresh-tasting water, right from your tap.

When impurities are removed from your water, not only is there a difference in taste and smell, but a positive impact on your lifestyle. You’ll require less soap when washing dishes and notice less mineral buildup in sinks and tubs. With a whole home carbon water filter system, you’ll also get a longer life from your appliances.

In addition, this is all done without harsh chemicals. The process of a carbon water filter relies on the adsorption power of the activated carbon, providing a natural and eco-friendly way to filter your water supply.

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