How does UV water treatment work?

Aug 25, 2023

How Does UV Water Treatment Work? When it comes to the water you drink and wash with, you want it to be as safe and clean as possible. Thanks to advanced technology, it’s easier than ever to ensure your water supply is free from contaminants. One popular and cost-effective way to do that is with UV water treatment. This is 

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What does a carbon water filter remove from water?

Aug 07, 2023

What Does a Carbon Water Filter Remove From Water? Have you ever wondered about carbon water filters and what they remove from the water? Are they all hype, or do they improve the quality of your drinking water, providing a healthier, cleaner water source at home? If you have questions about carbon water filtration, we have answers at Miami Water 

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Is Hard Water Bad for Your Teeth?

Jul 05, 2023

Is Hard Water Bad for Your Teeth? Hard water can cause a lot of problems throughout your home. From scratchy laundry and spots on your dishes to itchy skin after taking a shower, the minerals that are found in hard water can impact a lot of different aspects of your life. Additionally, hard water is harsher on your plumbing systems, 

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What Is the Best Water for Kidney Health?

May 04, 2023

What Is the Best Water for Kidney Health? Staying hydrated is important for everyone’s health, but for those with specific health concerns, certain types of water can be better than others. Whether you’re dealing with kidney issues or are simply looking for the best water to maintain your kidney health, here’s what you need to know about the best water 

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What Is the Healthiest Drinking Water?

Apr 03, 2023

What Is the Healthiest Drinking Water? There are many different types of drinking water available now, and figuring out which one is the healthiest can be confusing. From mineral water to purified water to alkaline water, finding the best drinking water means diving into what these types and labels mean so that you can find the option that will best 

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Can you filter laundry water?

Mar 14, 2023

Can You Filter Laundry Water? When homeowners think about the quality of the water coming into their homes, they typically think about the taste and smell of their drinking water or the hardness of the water when it shows up on dishes. But the type of water coming into your home can also impact your laundry. Washing your laundry in 

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What Does Hard Water Taste Like?

Feb 02, 2023

What Does Hard Water Taste Like? Hard water has a distinctive taste that many people find unpleasant. This taste can range from bitter to salty, depending on where it comes from and the minerals it contains. If you’re concerned about the taste of your water or are experiencing other issues with your water supply, it may be due to the 

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Can Hard Water Cause Acne?

Jan 24, 2023

Can Hard Water Cause Acne? It’s safe to say that most people have some sort of skin care routine. Whether you have a detailed step-by-step process that takes time and includes different products, tools, and a facial steamer, or you use a simple but trusted face wash from your local drugstore, it can be frustrating when your efforts don’t keep 

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Are hard water stains permanent?

Dec 06, 2022

Are Hard Water Stains Permanent? As a South Florida homeowner, you know all too well how frustrating hard water stains can be. Whether they appear on your dishes after you’ve already run them through the dishwasher or they show themselves on your shower walls even after you’ve scrubbed them, these stains can be time consuming to deal with. But are 

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What Are the Benefits of Alkaline Water?

Nov 04, 2022

You may have heard about alkaline water tasting better than mildly acidic water, but did you know that it has health benefits too? It’s true! At Miami Water & Air, we proudly install alkaline water systems in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe counties, and we can help break down why these systems are such an amazing investment for any home. What 

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