Drinking Water Filter Systems for Homes in the Miami, FL, Area

Drinking Water Filter for Home Miami FL

Does the tap water at your home in the Miami metro area have a foul taste and odor? More than just an inconvenience, poor-quality tap water can cost you an enormous amount of money over time, as you’re forced to purchase bottled water or disposable filters. But what if you could end this cycle of throwing money away and enjoy an infinite supply of pure, fresh-tasting water straight from the tap for a tiny fraction of what you’re spending now? That’s exactly what Miami Water & Air can provide with our drinking water filter systems for local homes.

About Our Home Drinking Water Filter Systems

Miami Water & Air is Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe counties’ most trusted provider of water treatment products from RainSoft—the industry’s most highly regarded manufacturer. To address drinking water concerns, we often recommend the high-performance Ultrefiner II drinking water filter system designed for homes, as it provides unparalleled results. This premium RainSoft water filter features:

  • A multi-stage filter, including a reverse osmosis membrane and carbon block to remove even microscopic particles that are responsible for bad-tasting water
  • A sleek and attractive design that includes a beautiful faucet and allows the tank to fit discreetly under the kitchen sink
  • Fewer filters than traditional drinking water systems, making for less maintenance and a lower cost of operation over the long term
  • A limited lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind that you’re making a smart investment in your home

With a RainSoft drinking water filter installed in your home, you’ll immediately notice the difference in your water’s quality. Quench you thirst simply by turning on the tap to enjoy a refreshing glass of water as well as better tasting coffee, tea, and meals.

Get Your Free Water Test

The experts at Miami Water & Air are standing by to help you select the ideal drinking water filter for your home in the Miami, FL, area. Contact us today to schedule your free water test. We’ll thoroughly explain your options. And we can schedule same- or next-day installations from our team of factory-trained professionals, so you can start enjoying great-quality drinking water as soon as possible.

Features & Benefits
No Hard Water
Our water softeners filter out the vast majority of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals responsible for hard water. Say goodbye forever to cloudy spots on clean dishes and silverware, irritated skin after bathing, and stiff-feeling laundry out of the wash. Our water softeners can even extend the life of your water-using appliances.
Great-tasting Drinking Water
No longer will you have to throw money away on bottled water or filtration pitchers. RainSoft’s drinking water systems allow you to get fresh-tasting water straight from the tap—perfect for drinking and cooking.
Healthier Water
Water that contains lead, viruses, bacteria, or volatile organic compounds can be harmful to you and your family. Fortunately, RainSoft offers products with features such as ultraviolet disinfection systems and carbon filtration to eliminate these problems, making your water safe and healthy.
Better Quality Air
Did you know that indoor air can contain 40 times the contaminants of outdoor air? You can breathe easy with one of our top-of-the-line air purification systems that are designed to dramatically reduce indoor air contaminants, helping with everything from asthma to household odors.
Luxurious Feeling Laundry
Miami Water & Air offers several solutions to make your clothing last longer and feel softer. Our water softening systems eliminate hard water—a leading cause of stiff-feeling laundry. Or you can opt for our CleanStart® Laundry System, which eliminates the need for harsh detergents.
Miami Water & Air is growing rapidly, and we’re always on the lookout for experienced professionals who can help with our mission of delivering the very best in service and workmanship. If you’re looking for generous compensation and benefits while advancing your career among a team of dedicated professionals, then we encourage you to review our available positions and apply today.
Our complimentary, no-obligation water tests will help you find the perfect water treatment system for your needs.
We noticed a huge difference right a way in the smell and taste of our water. My husband and I could not be happier.
- Happy Customer, North Miami
Miami Water and Air’s service is professional, and their product is well worth ordering. The condition of my water has never been better.
- Brenna Shmitt, Kendall
Worth every penny for it! My dishes look great, my skin feels so smooth, and my water tastes amazing!
- Annmarie Casado, Key West
“We have some extremely hard calcium water in Tucson. Had Kinetico give their information then asked Rainsoft of Tucson for information. From the ...
"Great company. Brian and Matt were awesome to deal with. Would definitely recommend!"
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