Is Tap Water Hard or Soft Water?

Dec 03, 2021

Is Tap Water Hard or Soft Water?

Is Tap Water Hard or Soft Water?

You’ve likely heard the terms “hard water” and “soft water,” but what exactly is the difference?  Which type of water can you expect to come out of your tap? If you want to learn more about hard water vs. soft water, including safety concerns and how to tell if your home has hard or soft water, read on! We’re outlining everything you need to know about your home’s water supply.

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

If you’re confused about what makes water “hard” or “soft,” you’re not alone! Here’s the difference: Hard water contains naturally-occurring minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, and soft water has had those minerals reduced or eliminated through a water softening system. Hard water doesn’t necessarily feel “hard,” but soft water does tend to feel softer on the skin. Hard water is also the culprit of those unsightly water stains you may have found in your shower, tub, or on your dishes after they come out of the dishwasher.

Is Hard Water Safe to Drink?

The short answer? Yes—minerals like calcium and magnesium don’t make water unsafe to drink. That said, if your home has a private well, your water supply is not subject to monitoring and treatment by the EPA, like public water sources are. That means your water supply may contain things like bacteria and viruses that can be unsafe to drink. Your best bet to ensure your home’s water supply is safe to drink is to have it tested and then have the appropriate water treatment system installed.

Your Home’s Water Supply

So, now that you know how to determine whether your home’s water supply is safe to drink, how can you tell if the water coming out of your tap is hard or soft? The answer lies in whether or not your home has a water softener installed. If it does, then the water coming out of your tap will have its minerals removed, making it “soft.” If you’re renting your home, you may not be sure whether it has a water softener system installed; ask the owner of your property to clarify for you.

Expert Water Softener Installation

Maybe you’re a homeowner and you’d like to have a water softener installed at your home—good choice! Miami Water & Air can help. We’ve been expertly installing water softener systems in Florida homes for decades, earning us the industry experience you can rely on for a job well done. All of our installers receive extensive factory training, and we stand by our work with a one-year installation guarantee, as well as a limited lifetime warranty. We even offer same- or next-day installations of our water softener systems, as well as free home water tests to help you determine whether your home’s water supply is safe to drink.

Convinced you need a home water softener system? Reach out to Miami Water & Air today to learn more! We’re ready and waiting to get started.

Our complimentary, no-obligation water tests will help you find the perfect water treatment system for your needs.
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