Is Soft Water Bad for Dogs?

Apr 09, 2022

Is Soft Water Bad for Dogs?

Is Soft Water Bad for Dogs?

Dogs—they’re just as much a part of the family as anyone else. So, when it comes to their health, you’re equally concerned about what they eat and drink. Should you be pouring their drinking water from the tap? What might be lurking in unfiltered or hard water that might affect your pup’s health? Read on to learn all you need to know!

Soft vs. Hard Water: What’s the Difference?

Before we dive into the health concerns about soft and hard water for dogs, we need to first define what differentiates soft and hard water.

What is Hard Water?

If your home’s water supply comes from a municipal water treatment facility—or even if it’s sourced from a private well and you don’t have a water treatment system installed at your residence—then it’s likely hard water. That just means that the water contains minerals, like iron and calcium. These minerals aren’t inherently bad (even though they can cause a buildup within your home’s pipes and leave stains on glassware and shower tiles—but that’s a topic for another time!). However, most people say that hard water usually contains a slightly chalky taste that can be unpleasant.

What is Soft Water?

Some homeowners choose to have water softener systems installed that remove the minerals (and sometimes other materials like dissolved solids, viruses, and bacteria—more on that later) from their home’s water supply. The result is a silkier, “softer”-feeling water that usually smells and tastes better than hard water. Soft water is also gentler on skin and hair, both of which can affect your pup’s health aside from drinking water safety concerns.

So, now that we have a working definition of soft and hard water (and their various concerns), which sort of water should your pooch be drinking?

Which is Better for Dogs: Soft or Hard Water?

The quick answer: Neither soft nor hard water are inherently bad for dogs to drink. As we mentioned above, the minerals that hard water contains aren’t necessarily harmful to your or your pup’s health.

However, it’s important to note that untreated water can still contain contaminants that you might not want Fido ingesting. Municipal water supplies, for instance, can contain trace amounts of chlorine due to the sanitation practices that are required for city water supplies to pass stringent standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And even if your home’s water supply comes from a private well—which aren’t subject to EPA standards—it can still contain microorganisms like viruses and bacteria as well as contaminants leeched from pesticides and fertilizers. When you consider all of the things that can live in your water besides minerals, the question of treating your water takes on a whole new urgency! So, what should a pet lover do when faced with this conundrum? The answer is easy: invest in a home water treatment system.

Water Softeners & Other Treatment Systems

At Miami Water & Air, we’ve been expertly installing a wide variety of water treatment systems for homeowners all across Florida for decades. We install water softeners for homeowners who don’t want their animals drinking any hard minerals as well as water filtration and disinfection systems to remove other unwanted materials from home water supplies.

Interested in learning more or scheduling a consultation at your Florida home? Reach out to Miami Water & Air today with any questions you may have!

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