Can you filter laundry water?

Mar 14, 2023

Can You Filter Laundry Water?

When homeowners think about the quality of the water coming into their homes, they typically think about the taste and smell of their drinking water or the hardness of the water when it shows up on dishes. But the type of water coming into your home can also impact your laundry. Washing your laundry in hard water can result in clothing feeling scratchy and colors looking dull. However, you’ll be happy to know that there are a variety of options available that allow you to filter your laundry water.

Ozone Water Systems for Laundry

One of the best ways to treat or filter the water used to wash your laundry is with an ozone water system. This type of water treatment is designed to inject the tap water coming into the home with a controlled amount of ozone. Ozone is a highly effective oxidizer that works to disinfect water and anything in it. With an ozone water filter for your washing machine, the ozone-infused water works to disinfect and clean your clothing. In fact, when you have an ozone water system installed for your laundry, you’ll no longer have to use any harsh detergents or chemicals to clean your clothing. Ozone water systems for laundry can offer the following benefits:

  • Effectively disinfects clothing and eliminates odors
  • Removes stains while retaining the color of your clothing
  • Reduces skin irritation by eliminating the impurities in the water

Choosing a Water Filter for Your Washing Machine

It’s important to note that ozone in gas form can have harmful effects on your health. While it’s perfectly safe as ozonated water, it means that choosing a highly durable and reliable ozone water system for your laundry is a must. At Miami Water & Air, we recommend water systems from RainSoft®. As the leading provider of water treatment systems, RainSoft is known for their highly effective and reliable products. Their CleanStart® laundry system is a top choice if you’re looking for an ozone water filter for your washing machine.

Additional Water Treatment Options for Laundry

In addition to ozone water systems designed specifically for laundry, there are other water treatment systems you can consider as well. A whole-home water softener system can help reduce the mineral levels in your tap water, resulting in softer water throughout your home. Not only does this help retain the vibrance of your clothing colors but it can also result in your clothing feeling softer. Additionally, softer water is better for your plumbing as well, which may help extend the lifespan of your washing machine and any other appliances that use water as well. However, when considering water filter options for your laundry, you’ll want to keep in mind that water softeners are not designed to replace detergents.

Find the Right Option for Your Home

Whether you’re interested in an ozone water system for your laundry, a whole-home water softener system, or another water treatment solution, Miami Water & Air has the options you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more about the various types of ozone water systems available for laundry as well as other water treatment systems that may benefit your home.

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