Can Hard Water Cause Acne?

Jan 24, 2023

Can Hard Water Cause Acne?

Young woman washing her face at the sinkIt’s safe to say that most people have some sort of skin care routine. Whether you have a detailed step-by-step process that takes time and includes different products, tools, and a facial steamer, or you use a simple but trusted face wash from your local drugstore, it can be frustrating when your efforts don’t keep acne at bay. If you’re still suffering from stubborn breakouts, irritated skin, or flaking despite trying out different skin care treatments, it doesn’t mean you’re destined to deal with acne for the rest of your life. The obstacle that may be keeping you from more radiant and clear skin is—hard water.

What’s Hard Water & What’s it Doing to My Skin?

Before we discuss why hard water can cause acne, let’s talk about what hard water actually is. Water can be classified as hard or soft. Hard water is water that is rich with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. Just like how these minerals can build up in your home’s pipes over time, causing them to clog, these minerals can also be left behind on your skin. Soft water, which is most preferred for washing, is water that is stripped of these rich minerals. Soft water is much healthier and gentler on skin. If you don’t have a water softener system in your home and you live in Florida, it’s more than likely that the water coming out of your faucets is hard water. Partnering with Miami Water & Air makes installing a water softener system in your home easy because we take care of everything for you!

Like we mentioned earlier, you can have the best skin care routine, but if the quality of your water is subpar, then chances are you’re not giving your skin the greatest chance of looking its best. Hard water mixed with soap or face products can have a difficult time lathering, thus forcing you to use more product for your skin care. If you’re using more product, then you’re spending more money but still dealing with acne. Product residue left behind on your skin can clog pores and irritate skin, leaving you with skin that is itchy, flaky, dry, red, and acne prone.

Choose a Water Softener System for Your Florida Home

If you’re sick of battling with hard water and feel it’s time to invest in a water softener system, reach out to Miami Water & Air today. Not only does your skin deserve water that is healthy and clean, but also your laundry, your dishes, your meals, and you! Our entire team of factory-trained employees is here to offer the best solution for your home. If you’re skeptical that hard water is flowing through your plumbing, schedule a free in-home water test with our team. We also offer same day or next-day installation and back our systems with a limited lifetime warranty. A water softener system installed by us is a lifetime guarantee of luxurious soft water for your home. Contact us today to learn more.

Our complimentary, no-obligation water tests will help you find the perfect water treatment system for your needs.
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